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Bare Necessities Elevating Cross-Selling with Tailored Video Campaigns 

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Bare Necessities is a leading online retailer specializing in intimate apparel, swimwear, and loungewear for women and men. With a vast selection of products, the company has been a go-to destination for shoppers looking for quality and variety.

As summer approaches, the company aims to promote its swimwear collection.



The challenge was to effectively cross-sell to customers who had previously purchased one item, encouraging them to explore and buy others. For instance, the goal was to encourage customers who had previously purchased lingerie, to explore and buy swimsuits for the summer season.

The company aimed to create a campaign that would resonate with its target audience, driving sales and increasing average order value.


The campaign designed by focused on creating video content to replace the current text-based email communication, using’s leading technology, MP5. This MP5 technology is generated on the end user’s device, ensuring user data is never exposed to a third party.

The video provided tailored viewing based on device type and was responsive to fit either desktop or mobile views, ensuring an optimal user experience and a seamless journey across devices. Moreover, by using unique AI algorithms, was able to optimize the campaign in real-time. has created two versions of content that were sent via email:

  • A short version leading directly to the call to action (CTA), designed for quick engagement.
  • A long version providing more details about the products with multiple CTAs,3 in total, to cater to a wide range of user preferences.


The focus was on cross-selling. Products from one section were strategically referenced in other sections, promoting a holistic shopping experience based on previous purchases.


The primary focus was to encourage users who had previously purchased lingerie to consider buying swimsuits in the summer season.


To assess the campaign’s impact, Bare Necessities conducted a multivariate test comparing the long version, short version, and a control group of text-based email communication.



Out of the strategies used, the short video was the standout in effectiveness. 

The email campaigns featuring the short version of the video resulted in:


Increase in Engagement


Increase in Orders Per Purchase.


Increase in Overall Value Outcome

The chart shows monthly demand for each version sent. Of the three, the video was most effective, and the short version had a 25% increase

Reviewing the monthly demand according to each version, there was a 35% increase when comparing the short version to the long version

The AOV again demonstrates the short version’s effectiveness, showing a 31% increase per purchase


As part of the campaign strategy, aimed to offer Bare Necessities a more effective method of engaging with their clients to enhance cross-selling. began with regular email communication to clients. Following this, shifted its communication approach and sent emails containing two types of video content: first a longer version, and then a shorter one. Additionally,’s cutting-edge AI algorithm indicated that shorter video versions were more effective than the longer ones.


This case study proves the potential and effectiveness of short videos.’s innovative approach to video marketing, combined with strategic cross-selling and data-driven decisions, led to a significant boost in sales and user engagement.

Moreover, the campaign’s success highlights the importance of adaptability, real-time data analysis, and understanding customer behavior in the e-commerce space.

The success of the campaign underscores the importance of responsive design, tailored content, and leveraging data for effective digital marketing.

With these impressive results, Bare Necessities sets a benchmark for future campaigns, emphasizing the potential of adaptive and customer-centric strategies in the e-commerce domain.



Jeni H.
Director of Retention Marketing at Bare Necessities
“If you are in search of a partner capable of delivering cutting-edge video content that can significantly enhance your conversion rates, I wholeheartedly recommend Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in our campaign’s success, and I am confident they can do the same for you.”