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Clalit Mushlam sees 10x more engagement and 6x higher CTR for MP5 video appointment reminders

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Being one of Israel’s largest healthcare organizations with over 4.5 million members, Clalit offers its members a wide range of healthcare services suited to their individual requirements. With over 1,400 clinics, 9,000+ doctors and nurses, and about 420 pharmacies, Clalit carries a strong brand presence across Israel that was fostered through robust video campaigns.

Clalit Mushlam was concerned about it’s increasing appointment no-show rate and turned to Bling’s interactive and personalized video to help streamline the appointment reminder process to reduce the no-shows and foster the relationship with their patients.

“We believe in championing a customer-centric approach while working towards curating video solutions that keep customers at the heart of everything we do,” said Maya Radoshinski from Clalit Mushlam.

Understanding the highly sensitive nature of Clalit’s private patient data, Blings offered interactive MP5 videos that enabled:

  • Reduced instances of no shows
  • Lowered last-minute approintment cancellations
  • Reduced call center calls
  • Improved brand positioning
  • Total security of personal information

Pain Points

When approached, Clalit Mushlam put forward the following pain areas concerning their growing business:

  • Ineffective solutions to remind patients about upcoming appointments and reduce instances of patients forgetting documents.
  • Patients arriving at the clinic with the wrong documentation which would mean rescheduling the appointment and wasting a valuable time slot.
  • Increasing last-minute cancellations and no-shows
  • Heavy call center costs due to the absence of an interactive solution that offers exclusive access to appointment details, patient documents, etc.

The Solution

The Blings solution for Clalit Mushlam included videos that would engage their audience with interactive, automated and dynamic videos.

The videos were sent by SMS to patients in multiple demographic, geographic and socioeconomic groups to understand the impact of video replacing text for appointment reminders. The videos were personalized and dynamic including:

  • Doctor’s name, experience, rating
  • Clinic location, driving and parking instructions
  • Calendar invitation as well as confirmation options
  • Documents and tests needed prior to the appointment
  • Contact information for the clinic

Clalit had previously experimented with video but the solutions lacked automation, interaction, and most importantly, security. With Blings they were able to create videos that were:

  • Highly Personalized Videos – including appointment details, reminders of the medical documents needed for the visit, the location and directions for the appointment, details about the medical staff and more. 
  • 100% Relevant Videos – created in real-time and on-demand when the patient clicks on the link and requests the video so the video always pulls the most recent and relevant data. 
  • Amped Up – optimized and evergreen ensuring the framework of the video can stay relevant for longer without needing to reengage with the design team. 
  • Secure and Private-  patented ‘on-the-edge’ rendering is the first video technology that can provide industries with high privacy concerns, a solution that ensures their customer’s data is always protected.



“Clalit sees technology as an important tool to improve the health and outcomes of our patients, but the magic is utilizing that technology to help us interact with patients individually,” said Maya. “Blings enables us to communicate unique messages to each and every patient using video and the results are staggering, users love it and are return again and again!”

  • 86% said they'd like to get more video reminders in the future
  • 10x higher engagements
  • 63% increase in SMS conversion rates
  • 100% of minority and non-native speaking members preferred video reminders over text
  • 85% video completion rate

Moving Forward

Clalit Mushlam was highly satisfied with the video services and requested four additional campaigns to streamline other challenges.