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How Selina Increased CTR 3.26X to Spark Engagement and Boost Bookings

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Selina is one of the world’s largest hospitality brands built to address the needs of Millennial and Gen Z travelers, blending beautifully designed accommodations with coworking, recreation, wellness, and local experiences.
Custom-built for today’s nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel and work abroad.

Founded in 2014, each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists, creators, and tastemakers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations worldwide – from urban cities to remote beaches and jungles. Selina’s portfolio includes 150+ open or secured properties across 25 countries.


A core principle of the company is creating a community around the digital nomad life and therefore is always looking for effective ways to increase additional bookings from their guests. While they had been sending out email offers to visitors once they checked out, these campaigns were not yielding the desired results. Selina recognized that they needed to find a way to make their marketing efforts more
personalized and engaging.


To achieve this goal, Selina turned to Blings to create personalized emails based on a visitor’s last stay and provide three recommendations for additional stays that would work in their itinerary.

The email subject line was personalized and included the fact that a unique video was included inside. A dynamic thumbnail was used within the email to indicate that a personalized video had been created for each traveler.
Additionally, a discount code was included in the video, and the ability to click directly from the video to the website, reduced the friction to convert. The results were remarkable.


Compared to their standard text-only email campaigns, the Blings emails had 1.3x higher open rates and 3.26x click-through rates. There was even a noticeable impact on the unsubscribe rate, which was almost 40% lower for Blings emails. Overall conversion rates were 1.2x higher for Blings emails versus the standard text emails.


The results showed a 34% increase in the email opening rate with Bling’s video and a 3.26x increase in click-through rates.


The unsubscribe rate was 40% lower with Bling’s videos, and the conversion rate was up by 22.07%


Selina was able to leverage the power of personalized and interactive video to create engaging, relevant, and personalized content that resonated with their audience. By providing personalized recommendations based on a visitor’s previous stay, they were able to increase engagement and conversions. These results demonstrate the significant impact that personalized and interactive video content can have on email campaigns and the potential it holds for businesses looking to improve their engagement and conversion rates. The results also highlight the fact that MP5 video enhances the emotional connection to the brand and decreases the unsubscribe rate.


Anat Herman Lavi
CRM & Retention Director @ Selina 
“Our audience is digitally savvy and has seen it all, so it’s important that we communicate with them in a way that will engage and captivate. By adding Blings’ videos to our campaign, we saw the highest CTR’s of any campaign we’ve done and we even saw that the average viewer watched the video 1.8 times! That’s engagement that easily translates to ROI..”