Creating real-time, data-driven, professional Smart videos at scale
MP5 - Next Gen
Smart Video
Smart Video
  • Connect video elements to a live database ensuring data is up to date and always relevant
  • Communicate with your audience in segments of one
  • Define business logic to trigger individual video variations
data-driven video
  • Dynamically create unlimited variations of a single video - based on product triggers or user data
  • Video scenes can be "stitched" into different orders based on triggered user behavior
  • All video elements can become interactive, dynamic buttons for relevant call-to-actions
Impactful Interactive
  • Engage users in a self-guided video journey
  • Interactive elements modify video content to change the flow of the video
  • All aspects of the video, including forms, buttons, chatbots and more can be made interactive
Blings for
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Boosting consumer engagement, loyalty and stickiness with their global dealerships
  • Giving customers a way to actively engage in interactive video at 30,000ft

  • Loyalty program increases sales by 350% using personalized video

  • Using interactive video to increase customer loyalty and personalization

  • Boosting consumer engagement, loyalty and stickiness with their global dealerships

  • Increased student application completion rate by 52%

  • Sending relevant car offer details through video has shifted our approach

Shift editorial control

Give your business teams the independence to fine tune every aspect of the video until it's perfect

Quickest ROI

Personalized, dynamic video humanizes brands and delivers improved conversions and overall higher ROI

Optimize through Analytics

A/B test each video element to determine what's performing best for each audience

Native integration

Blings easily integrates with all tools in the modern marketing stack

for the creators
No-code tool that integrates into your Adobe
Workflow as an After Effects extension
Performance at Scale

Edge-computing means no limits to the number or frequency of video variations distributed

Professionally Created Videos

Blings the easiest way to create professional dynamic, interactive video

Enterprise Grade Security

On-the-fly rendering means private data is never exposed, meeting the most stringent security demands

Living Video

Videos stay relevant for longer with customization and edits in the hands of marketing