MP5 - Next Gen
Video Experience

MP5 combines video with code to create video that interactive, dynamic and personalized
Available as an After Effects Extension



Real-time and on-the-edge

  • Each video variation is created in real-time and on-demand with the most accurate data
  • With no creation batch time, save hours, if not days in video rendering time
  • A set of ‘directing instructions’ pull the different layers of data, business logic and design together on-the-fly while the user watches, on the edge device (i.e. on a mobile device)

Dynamic and Personalized

  • Define custom business logic to trigger updates and create individual video variations.
  • Video scenes can be "stitched" into different orders based on triggered user behavior.
  • Dynamically create unlimited variations of a single video - based on product or user data.

Interactive Journeys

  • All aspects of the video, including forms, buttons, chatbots and more can be made interactive.
  • Users create their own journeys as interactive elements modify video content to change the flow of the video.

Fast Time to Market

  • Because the file is ‘open’, business groups have unprecedented access to testing and updating all aspects of the video without dependence on the design team.
  • Business teams can indepedently optimize, edit and improve all aspects of the video without help from the design teams

Lightweight and sharp

  • MP5 is based on vector graphics making file size at least 100x smaller than typical MP4 files while maintaining full HD resolution on any screen size.

Based on native web technologies

  • MP5 videos play seamlessly on any mobile device and web browser.


  • MP5 video creates HTML elements (text, SVG, images) that search engines can read and rank.


  • On-the-fly rendering means private data is never exposed, meeting the most stringent security demand.


  • Deep CRM integration that pulls tokened data into videos at scale to create an unlimited number of ‘segments-of-one’ with personalized video variations.
  • Quick and easy integration to all major business platforms including SFDC, Shopify, HubSpot, Marketo and many more

The Bits
and Bites

MP5 is stored as a JSON file that holds the information needed to create a video including:
  • Layers of motion graphics, audio, video footage, texts and images
  • A list of scenes and video-chapters that can be combined to one video
  • Full set of visual properties per scene that are grouped as compositions and layers


Launching Blings videos are as easy as triggering a single line of JavaScript. Blings SDK can be integrated as an SDK with one line of code to create dynamic videos, pass data fetched in real time from an API, define business logic and connect the player to the analytics backend.

play with live example

Blings Playground
for Video Creation

Built for professional Motion Graphic Designers. The playground is where Motion Graphics Designers connect animated videos to data.

After Effects extension

Create professional quality videos or turn existing videos into Smart videos using a no-code tool that integrates into your Adobe Workflow as an After Effects extension.


Connect each layer i.e. text, animations, images to dynamic data through an API, to CRM data or to a CSV file.

FAST rendering

The engine + player + video is then compiled as a single line of code. When clicked, the content, data and design are rendered on the edge and in real-time at sub-second rendering time!

Blings Platform for
Video Optimization

Built for Business Groups and Marketing Teams


Blings Platform for
Video Optimization

Built for Business Groups and Marketing Teams

After Effects extension

Edit, customize and personalize video content to improve the design-marketing communication loop.

A/B Test

Marketing teams can A/B test all elements of the video including images, text, buttons and even the order of the scenes with deep analytics to understand the performance.


Customize all content elements, trigger dynamic video creation and distribution in real-time through business logic or user behavior.

Better Performance

Understand video performance down to each scene and element, identify performance gaps and optimize the under-performing elements without the need to re-render.


Quick and easy integration to all major business platforms including SFDC, Shopify, HubSpot, Marketo and many more, or connect to your custom API using SDK.